A Novel of Romance and Suspense — Flame by Toya Richardson

I am delighted to do a feature on my blog for author Toya Richardson, a wonderful, up and coming contemporary romance novelist from the United Kingdom. Toya is signed with Red Sage Publishing, and Little Bird Publishing House.

Toya Richardson, author, rocker chick, and lover of skellies!

Toya Richardson, author, rocker chick, supporter of writers and readers, and lover of all things skellieeee!

Set on the windblown shores of the Cornish coast, Toya’s novel, Flame, is a story of romantic suspense. Contemporary heroine, Amberley, fights to resolve her issues with an ex-partner while she builds a new life for herself, but her struggles become all too real and all too ugly when her ex’s obsession with her begins to escalate.

Flame explores the issue of violence in domestic relationships, and the emotional and physical toll that can affect all areas of a victim’s life–job, relationships, physical and mental well-being. A novel well worth reading for those who have ever been affected by abuse in domestic relationships.


Thanks again for stopping by, everyone. I hope to have some announcements soon on my upcoming release — a Texas Hill country novel, set on a vineyard in the Lone Star state.

All the best,

Lelani Black

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Holiday Blog Hop ~ Books, Gift Cards and Prizes Palooza!

Welcome to the December 2015 Erotic Fantasies Blog Hop!

In 2014, I was delighted to receive an invitation to contribute a short story to the bestselling (paid) Erotic Fantasies anthology. Now FREE! Private Lessons sizzles with heat and humor about millionaire sex-toy king, Cornelius, and his cousin’s best friend, Nerissa.

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So You Think You Can Publish? 3 Things You Should Know

Show me the money!

What money? Some writers write for years and years before they see any income from their efforts. What today’s market helps writers avoid are years of rejections, and the time-suck cycle of submitting and resubmitting your manuscript to different publishers, and waiting months to hear back from them.

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This is it! Guest Blog Post on Audiobooks and a Kindle Fire Giveaway by Taylor Evan Fulks

I am honored to welcome and share author Taylor Evan Fulks’ blog post celebrating the completion of her book’s 2-year journey from e-book to paperback, and now, an audiobook. My Prison Without Bars is a multi-award winning novel based on true events — based on Taylor’s story of enduring, and surviving, a childhood full of darkness, trauma and abuse.

I am proud to call this courageous lady my friend.

Giveaway image

This is it!

My 2nd Anniversary Blog GiveAway!

Yeah…I know! I can’t believe it! My journey is almost complete…It will officially end May 16th when I run in the #WarriorDash 5K obstacle run to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I’m happy the money is going for that worthy cause, but my reasons for running are selfish, I’m afraid. This book journey has taken me from quiet, subdued, doormat, and transformed me into a Warrior for myself and Sexually Abused Children.

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Circling the Bandwagons – A Blog For Authors About Respect, and Online Kerfluffles

Are you with the bandwagon?

It seems like every year, there’s an internet beef somewhere in the writing community. Having been involved in the business for 5 years as a published writer, then tack on another decade of having been involved in writer’s groups online and at face-to-face meetings, I have two pieces of advice for new authors to avoid getting sucked into the ugly side of this industry.

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Erotic Fantasies Kindle Fire or $220.00 GC Giveaway

**12-15-14 – Contest is now CLOSED. **

Welcome to the last rafflecopter of the bestselling, and now FREE, Erotic Fantasies anthology!

While this sexy book of HOT shorts was in the process of going free on Amazon, it made profits that all 11 authors agreed to use in rafflecopters and/or gift card contest giveaways. This is the last contest for a lucky winner to win either a Kindle Fire or a $220.00 Amazon gift card, winner’s choice. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. As a bonus, I’m giving away 3 e-books of All Hands Below, my Caribbean to Portland erotic cruise ship romance.

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Writing Challenges / NaNoWriMo, Book in a Week ~ Writer Fun, or Writer Fail?

So, authors and writing groups are talking about the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), an annual event that takes place globally, starting November 1st, with a goal to complete a 50,000 word count novel by November 30th.

While I have participated in book-in-a-week types of challenges through my writing groups, I have yet to participate in NaNoWriMo in an official capacity. However, as November is my most productive writing month, I use ideas from challenges such as book-in-a-week and NaNoWriMo and adapt them to use in an un-official way by carving out specific times, whether I can spare two hours a day, or eight, to free-write my way to my personal, end-of-week, or end-of-month, goals.

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