Book Title

So editor Angela Anderson and I were back and forth with possible book titles. The word? Ix-nay on the original itle-tay: Jack’s Own Jill

Alternate suggestions were:
Fringe Benefits
After Hours
Taming the Boss
Island Heat
The final title selection? Boss With Benefits
It was a phrase that I’d used in my synopsis (considered the “pitch” )that my brilliant editor picked up on, and suggested, and…I love it.
The story takes place in Hawaii’s tropical setting featuring a sexy-hot couple–who…well…get down, get wet and get wild. Check out some of The Wild Rose Press’s hot covers from their Scarlet Rose line at:
Warning: Book covers are jaw-dropping sexy. 18 and older only please!
Of course I had to change the heroine’s name from Jillayn to something else. The heroine also had a Hawaiian middle name that might have been hard on the tongue, so I just found a Hawaiian middle name that was easy on the tongue.
The hero’s name? Jack. Jack Sloane.
And let’s just say the heroine finds him easy on the tongue, too 🙂
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