Happy Holidaze

Spent two weeks in December in Hawaii–5 days on the Big Island, otherwise known as Hawaii and 8 days in Honolulu (island of Oahu) also known as being in Hawaii and part of the main chain of the Hawaiian islands known in their entirety as Hawaii. Yes, it’s complicated.

Wouldn’t you know it–from the time my ms Boss With Benefits was accepted for publication 5 months had passed before I got my book cover, AND a release date, AND I was busy island hopping when the production storm hit.
Before our trip, my husband decided for the first time in twenty years of knowing him to LEAVE HIS LAPTOP behind. It was family vacation time, nothing was to get in the way, especially my addiction to Facebook and the internet in general. I thought, oh well, it’ll be another month before I hear anything, after all, I’d just sent in my 2nd round of revisions. Little did I know that it would be a print from then on. Changes were good to go!
While blissfully sipping Midori Coladas and munching on hot dogs with my BFF poolside at the posh, plush Hilton Waikoloa, my editor was e-mailing me clarification requests of this, and that. And the other thing. Needed: correct spelling of my name, a sign off on the galley, review for errors on book cover, please reply asap etc…
BOOK COVER??? All these things needed my attention whilst I fruited around watching dolphins frolic in the resort lagoon! I stumbled upon my book cover the day we arrived at my mom’s condo–had to steal my nephews lap top to check on e-mail. Lo and behold–the cover unfolds in all its gorgeousness. Thank you artist Angela Anderson! I was jumping for joy around suitcases, fold out and inflatable mattresses.
So between shopping for Christmas presents, fighting Honolulu traffic while hunting for the perfect Aloha Shirt for my husband to wear that night at my 1 and half year old niece’s 1st birthday party of 400 hundred guests, I read and signed off on 93 pages of hot story, checked off on the cover art, profusely apologized for being a slacker to my editors, thanked them for putting up with me, and now I can only hope and pray that the 2nd story I’ve pitched to them doesn’t fall by the wayside because of my slacking-ness. Yikes.
I have no excuse. But I have some consolation. I kissed my husband on a beautiful beach at sunset, held hands with my daughters while strolling through a jungle path etched in the rainforest, and got a hug from my teen son on the shore of Hilo Bay…and a most stunning, sexy book cover!
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