Interview with Rayna Scherer, owner of Naughty Editions Reviews and Books–Book reviews for the frequently twisted and overly sexed–Rayna Scherer

Thought that’d grab your attention. Nothing says cruise on over to better than tags like overly sexed and frequently twisted. Book reading she-devils lounge around the Naughty Editions page, and there’s a sprinkling of bookcovers with muscly, sexy guys to liven things up–and, oh, yes, books! How about that? Books, books and more books. Rayna weighed in with some questions I’ve been dying to ask her as well. Enjoy!

1.Snowy bus-stop, these guys need a ride. You’ve only got room for one in your car. Jude Law has a pair of diamond earrings. Sean John Combs is holding a chocolate cake with two chocolate covered strawberries on top. Denzel Washington is holding two bottles of red wine. Which one gets to ride in your car?

Hmm that is a hard one. I am not to familiar with Jude Law, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Sorry P Diddy or Diddy, whatever you call yourself now, I am allergic to chocolate. As for Denzel well I think that he is a little long in the tooth for me, but he is a hot HAWT man. So I would choose Jude. He does look cute. And I bet he sounds sexy too.

2.The President and his wife are coming to your house for dinner. What’s on the menu?

·Cornish hens stuffed with a nice basil oyster cornbread stuffing

·Wild rice with rosemary

·Walnut cranberry salad with wild field greens

·My Triple Threat Chocolate Dessert, devil’s food cake layered with chocolate pudding with whipped cream and then a layer of fudge brownie layered with white chocolate mousse drizzled with dark chocolate and mini white chips dark on top

·And a doggie bag.

3.If you could pick an author to co- write a sexy story with you in the starring role, who would that be, and why? Which celebrity/public figure would play the part of you?

I would ask Lora Leigh to write a story with me. She writes the sexiest stuff I have ever seen on the mainstream market. Plus she could do it in her sleep. The woman writes all the time.

As to who would play me? I think I would say the girl that played in Star Trek (the new one) as LT Uhura, Zoe Saldana. She rocks as a younger more whippy me. Lol

4.You’re locked overnight in a mall. Which store would you most be happy in?

Game stop and Borders

5.You’re locked overnight in a restaurant. Which restaurant would have the fridge you’d be raiding?


The salad frig and then the meat locker to make myself a nice medium rare steak.

Your welcome Lelani.





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