What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Sexy Sub-Genre Like This? by Lelani Black

With the release of my debut erotic romance, Boss With Benefits http://www.thewilderroses.com came the question asked by friends and family:

What the hell…?

Top 3 things many people didn’t know about me: 1. I wrote kids articles for a motocross website 2. I have a degree in Medical Administrative Studies 3. I write erotic romance.

Before Boss With Benefits was accepted for publication by The Wild Rose Press, I was an average wife that doted on her above-average husband. I was an average mom who worked part-time, shuttled adorable kids to and from their volleyball, basketball, art shows and swim meets, and secretly wrote sexy-hot romances at night. I’d still be all of those things if my husband didn’t out me one day on Facebook!

Maybe it was his husbandly pride that possessed him to splash my eye-popping book cover of my two gorgeous naked lovers, Jack and Keely, on his Facebook page, with the caption: My wife’s book cover. Maybe he was possessed by three-eyed demons that wore lasers on their foreheads.

Either way, he didn’t ask permission to be the proud husband of an erotic romance writer. He just is. But the question remained: How did I find my little self strutting down this path of sub-genre naughtiness?

For years I’d been a voracious reader of thrillers, mysteries, and romance–as in books stacked from floor to ceiling, under the bed, spilling over the night table–reader. In my, ahem, years of research, I’ve discovered there are several degrees of romance: sweet (clothes stay on, no tongue), mild (same category as sweet in my book, but protagonists might think that the other would look good without their clothes on ), medium (tongues touch, protagonists get naked), hot (protagonists naked, tongues touching, fingertips exploring, worlds colliding) and very hot (love scenes, words and sounds, so vivid and sensual that volcanoes might be erupting around the protagonists and neither would notice).

I noticed a trend early on; my tastes ran–train-wrecked is more like it–towards the jalapenos and the habaneros of hot, sensual no holds-barred stories with romance made all the more piquant by the fact that there’d be sizzling chemistry, love, great sex, and a happily ever after. Once in a while some bad guys got shot along the way, but sacrifices had to be made.

I’m still the same person I was before, but now I don’t just read spicemances, I write them, too, under my pen name Lelani Black. I like to think a girl can still have some secrets, after all…

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3 Responses to What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Sexy Sub-Genre Like This? by Lelani Black

  1. April Vine says:

    >Love this post, completely relatable!And Boss with Benefits? Volcanic as it is orgasmic. More please!!!


  2. Lelani Black says:

    >April Vine, waiting with extreme impatience for more, more, more volcanic eruptions to come from April Vine-land, lol. Whatever you've got cooking will be worth the wait, Miss Vine, so you'd better keep us posted.


  3. TexasLady says:

    >I love, love, love the way your adoring and proud husband OUTTED you! Bet some people were surprised that it was "sweet lil' ol' YOU" who wrote such hot stuff! You GO, Girl!


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