The Internet: It’s All The Rage!

When did reading the news stop being fun? Oh wait, was it ever?

Lately it’s turning into a trend to read news articles followed by sarcasm and/or comments that turn news reports into a conspiracy. Example: “There has to be more to this than what we’re being told.” Of course there’s more to the story. That’s why it’s called news. And, brace yourself, there’ll be more to come.

How about the Vancouver Kissing Conspiracy of 2011?

I love this photo, and the message in it; no girlfriend left behind! But skeptics scorned the photo, and claimed the photo, taken by photographer Richard Lam, was staged or photo-shopped.

Clearly, getting it on with your significant other would be the first thing on your mind as you’re running from a mob of angry Canadians and riot police, eh? Twist your ankle and fall, too? Hey, photographer fleeing for your life, take a picture of this! CHEESE. Wait! Honey, kiss me!

So much skepticism and negativity just feels toxic after a while. I’m bombarded with it. I easily get sucked in, wanting to put in my two-cents of wisdom. I spent an hour composing a response to a response (see, I’d already lost sight of the article itself, and was replying to a reply, instead) and by the time I spit out what I wanted to say, someone else had said the same thing.

It’s great that the news-reading public can clarify, update or rebutt facts in news reports,  but the bulk of it starts looking like rant forums to blame, speculate and accuse. It’s like reality TV. Get your flame-war commentary here!

The best way I’ve learned to deal with a hostile web environment? Stay off the web! Yes, getting a bikini wax, then shooting myself in the foot would be less painful, but I like keeping my sanity.

So for now, I’ll just stay away from reading the comments section in the news,  stick to writing my own stories and creating my own happy outcomes. The End.


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2 Responses to The Internet: It’s All The Rage!

  1. rosy1963 says:

    Hey, I think your blog was Awesome.


  2. Unknown says:

    What I’ve seen in most plagiarism cases, the common excuse is ‘I would have given credit if you politely asked so’.


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