My Big Fat Skinny Hawaii Vacay

Me like to party muchly! Dance floor's getting crowded, and I'm about jump into the fray!

I fly home to the islands at least once a year, and this year I was lucky enough to spend time with my mom/family/friends over the Thanksgiving holidays. While I love hearing about others’ experiences, what they have to say isn’t always positive. “Everything’s so expensive.” “I got cabin fever.” “I miss the four seasons.” “It’s nice to visit, but not to live there.”

Island sunrise, got my cousin, got our Starbucks, got our morning pastries, and got our toes in the sand.

I’ve traveled to, visited and lived all over the US mainland, and traveled overseas to some exquisitely beautiful places, and to places where getting from one village to another meant crossing rivers and streams–on the back of a caribou.

Dinner? Honolulu's China Town features live creatures to suit every gourmet craving.

Hawaii is not for everyone. Expensive, yes, but that could all depend on your lifestyle, and foodstyle. If year-round mild climate and abundance of vegetables and seafood is your thang–hello Hawaii. Want cheap real estate? Hawaii–not so much. Food is plentiful, and less expensive than what you’d get at your favorite organic market grocers. Vacant land on neighboring isles is, to me, still affordable. And no you do not have to be a Hawaii resident to buy land in Hawaii.

Expensive? Some people pay 3 to 8 hundred dollars a month just to heat their homes in the winter months in certain areas of the U.S. I’ve been to places in the U.S. so hot that air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. Don’t have to worry about extreme climate range in Hawaii. No winter coats, or winter shoes required, unless you’re going to see snow on the Big Island. The Big Island of Hawaii has a dozen micro-climates, from snow-topped mountains, to alpine meadows, to jungly rainforests, to dry, desert-like vistas.

Cabin fever? Get out of whatever cabin you’re in! (Don’t forget to put gas in the car) Who the hell has cabin fever when there are outdoor sports and activities to indulge in year-round? Missing the four seasons—uhh, I can do without the -6 degree temp in the Colorado Rockies this week. I won’t miss my car slipping on ice as I take out my neighbor’s mailbox.

Local oranges, soooo sweet! Remember, you can't take fresh local produce back to the mainland on the plane. They must be frozen. Exception--fresh pineapples purchased in shipping boxes.

I’m always up for travel, road trips and jet-set adventures, but the islands will always be my home.

Bricks in the courtyard in Honolulu's China Town.

WTH? Poor John, only to be loved more after he dies. (And no, don't know why or how I managed to take this picture upside down.)

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