Jimmy Thomas Bookcover Lovers? I Got Your Jimmy Right Here

And I give you (drum roll) the very sexy cover art (insert sounds of bells and whistles here) with the Face that launched 3,300 book covers. 3,301 if you include mine.

Bargain Bride, Billionaire Groom is my first novel-length sensual (explicit, full-throttle lovemaking just shy of erotic) contempo-romance, Book #1 in my new Island Moonlight Collection of novel-length seductions of 50,000 + words, set in Hawaii.

With luck, it’ll be released August 17, 2012 in Amazon’s Kindle store. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the paperback release will coincide with the e-book release, as well.

This story unfolds on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, where plantation owner, Golden Falcone, meets her match in enigmatic Italian billionaire, Jio Falcone. Their marriage of convenience gets steamy, sexy and complicated when the two fall in love—with each other!

But back to Jimmy… When going over ideas for book covers, I wasn’t sure what I wanted on my cover, at first. A dazzling sunset with a sexy couple horizontal on the beach? A tropical flower with a sexy looking center?

Naked torsos so the reader can envision their idea of the hero/heroine looks like, without faces to distract them?

As a book buyer and reader, a Face kept popping up on the cover art of recent book releases. Whenever I’d see this Face on a book cover, I’d wind up buying the book. Frivolous? Of course, but my eyes made an 8 second decision–the average time a book buyer spends looking at cover art. My eyes have no defense from dark eyelashes and granite-packed shoulders!

It’s not just about the cover, says you. Is there a story? Sure, says I, but once I finish drooling over the cover, I will then read the story. Promise. Anyway, when I figured out who this Face (and body, and abs) belonged to, it was obvious. I had to have a Jimmy Thomas book cover.

Anyone remember back in the 80’s there was the blond, bulked up Fabio of the flip-it-all-around blond tresses? Today’s premier male romance novel cover art supermodel is Jimmy Thomas.

Jimmy Thomas has done something clever and innovative by offering a site jam-packed with professional cover art/stock images graced with his vibrant, muscle-packed image for your buying, sighing and drooling pleasure. If you’ve ever wondered where authors and cover artists get their book cover images of Mr. Tall, Dark and Gorgeous, here you go. But shhh…don’t tell anyone. It’s an insider secret…available on the web. Go!



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