Show Me Your Tatts!

Watcha packin’? Tramp stamp? Tribal sleeve? Lilies? A photo of Grandpa?
Choosing a tattoo can be incredibly fun. One place to start? A peel and stick, of course, just for giggles! This is my husband, testing the waters of what he initially wanted. A skull!

This ain’t grandma’s tattoo. Body inking has evolved into vibrant works of art, beyond what some of us recall seeing as kids (hula dancers, a U.S. flag, an anchor…)

I got my first tattoo last summer, designed by my teen daughter. I wanted her original art, something of hers that I could keep forever. Example, this is an acrylic/oil painting she did when she was 13 years old.

So I knew whatever we visualized together, I would love!

This is a sketch she created using some pictures I’d found on the internet. BEFORE…         

And AFTER…cha-chaaaaaa…

Island orchids and coqui frog

The exotic orchid flowers are symbolic of my sisters, and the frog represents the noisy coqui frogs  of the Big Island, a very special place to me.





Of course there was collaboration with the tattoo artist on colors, and placement. The artist asked me where I wanted this masterpiece. I yanked up my skirt to show him what I had in mind–er, much like I did for that picture up top! I wanted the art to be seen when I wore my swimsuit, and skibbies, so I purred rather demurely, “Where do you think would be best?”

A smile curved his lips. He pointed to the side of my hip and ass, and drawled, “Right there would be hot…” (as my husband is glaring). So placement was chosen by a stranger. A good thing since I couldn’t decide. I’d change my mind every 5 minutes, so it helped to get the artist’s eye on things.

Here’s one from the wonderfully talented author of the De La Cruz family saga, Patricia Macias, who shows us how to accessorize a dainty tattoo with a little bitta bling!

Hot and Enchanting – Patricia’s new release!  Website – 

Here’s what Patricia had to say about the inspirations of her tattoo: “My tattoo means that it is the unconditional love that I have for my family. Each heart symbolizes my children. The vines symbolizes my husband holding us together.”

Does getting a tattoo hurt? Em…yeahh, a little. The first stirrings of the needle on my skin felt like a vibrating pencil-tip. An odd buzz of pleasure mixed in with a little pain made me think, hey–piece of cake! Why didn’t I do it sooner? As more color and depth came into play, so did the number of needles. Ack! Now I wanted to howl in pain in a call of the wild–ah-wooo! But some lady in the booth next to us was having her entire back done, and she was happily texting. TEXT-ING! While there I lie with my bum-cheeky hanging out, having flowers and a baby frog inked on my rump so no way in hell was I going to make one little peep.

My husband has a couple of tattoos. This one was also designed by our daughter.

This one below, to the left, is the Fire koi dragon, I loved this! But he chose the other.

The photo on the right is of the island tribal honu (turtle) he’d gotten in Honolulu when we were home visiting my ohana (family) over the summer. The turtles are symbolic of his father, himself, and our son.

Someone asked me what I’d think of my tattoo when I’m old and gray. I said the last thing I’d be thinking about is how much I regret the artwork on my body that was created for me, and me alone.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, good luck! Have fun and enjoy your body art. And don’t forget to get an opinion on where to stick it 😉


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