A Romance Writer’s Backyard Chickens

Let me introduce you to my sweet girls – my backyard flock of bawkity-bawks from Lelani Black’s ClusterCluck Farm! 

When I left my beloved island of Oahu to settle down with my husband in the wilds of northern Virginia, I made him promise me that if we had a house, there’d be a yard big enough for me to have a nice garden. I got everything I wanted, a little house by a lake with a half-acre yard, and plenty of room for an organic garden. It had always been my hope to supplement our diet with fresh eggs from our own coop, too. But until we moved to a home that allowed us to have backyard chickens, that dream didn’t happen for many years.

We got our first flock of pullets about 3 years ago and it’s just been a great experience! Of course, as with any animal, they take some work, but being able to get fresh eggs daily from our free-ranging and pampered chickens has been the best payoff. Our kids enjoy helping with the hens as well 🙂 This is my daughter on prom night, posing in the back yard while the chickens pecked at her sandals and generally ran amok. 

Their antics crack us up on a daily basis. They trot on over to us for goodies and treats, and shriek and squawk to let us know when they want something, or if they see a cat slinking around the neighbor’s yard next door.

No, we don’t have a rooster 😉 No cock of the block in my backyard. They’re not allowed in city limits. Besides, I hear more than enough of them by my mom’s place in Honolulu. I love going to the islands to relax, then I remember…the dastardly rooster next door to my mom’s condo won’t let that happen.

He’s up at the crack of dawn cock-a-doodle-doo-ing. Then at dinnertime, he feels the need to remind us of his charming presence yet again, ha ha. So, no roosters are welcome at the ClusterCluck Farm.

Although, hmm…last I checked, I’m allowed to have a couple of backyard goats…


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