Facebook Fan Page Like Exchanges – Do Your Numbers Add Up?

Have a Facebook business/author page? You might run into invites to participate in Like-exchange events where people can support each other by exchanging Like-for-Like on each other’s pages, but the Like has to come from their personal page so that the Like counts.

What does this mean? It means that if I use my Lelani Black page to Like other people’s pages, my Like will not be counted.

If I Like a page from my personal, private account (I go by a different name, not Lelani Black, which is a pen name) my Like will count.

Like exchange events can be an effective way to meet people, support businesses and online communities as well as writers, musicians, artists. It’s also a great way to have your support reciprocated (IF it’s reciprocated). I found an exceptional bunch of writers I network with through one of these Like exchange parties. A few have become friends, and advisors. Without signing up for one of those events, I wouldn’t know these lovable souls.

BUT be warned, some people will participate in these functions who’ll want your Like to their page, but won’t reciprocate. Or, they’ll reciprocate to stay under the admin radar who is coordinating the event, then un-Like your page a week later.

While this is a crappy and rampant practice, I’ve been on FB long enough to know that friends, and Likes, will come and go. I also respect anyone’s wish to un-Like my page because I want to have that right, too.

That said, I’m proud and thankful for the people who have ever Liked my page, and stayed with it. Thank you all so very much!

Lesson learned and moving forward, I don’t grow my Fan page anymore through Like exchange events. I no longer exchange Likes from my personal page, with a few exceptions. I’ll do a Fan page to Fan page Like exchange if someone expresses interest. If someone contacts me personally, I’ll happily do a Like exchange.

One other factor that drives my decision is Facebook’s reduced reach. One would think, hmm…to further their reach, it might be a good idea to trade more Likes to their page, yes? More Likes may mean more reach, yes? I used to think that, but based on my experience, it’s not a good idea to increase traffic to my personal page by participating in functions where I’m liking people’s pages who aren’t returning the favor to mine. So, no. Just…no.

If Train or Maroon 5 don’t return my Like, I’m good with that. If Author Buy-My-Book or Musician Buy-My-Beatz didn’t return my Like at a Like exchange, then they’re going to get the boot once I catch up to their page.

Here’s my report, based on my mileage at these Like-for-Like hootenannies:
Big Love and big Likes I’ve given out using my personal (closed) private page in support of others – Survey says! 2,000 +
Number of Likes reciprocated back to me for my public Lelani Black page – Survey says! 749 +
(minus the fan base of family and friends who’d already Liked the page before I started doing Like exchanges—maybe 100 people).

It really is a most rewarding feeling when individuals and readers and fans find YOU, based on what they know and like about your work, rather than the quid pro quo method of I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine. By all means, try that route. Just know that you may wind up scratching a lot of backs without having your back scratched in return.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy Liking!

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