Erotic Fantasies Kindle Fire or $220.00 GC Giveaway

**12-15-14 – Contest is now CLOSED. **

Welcome to the last rafflecopter of the bestselling, and now FREE, Erotic Fantasies anthology!

While this sexy book of HOT shorts was in the process of going free on Amazon, it made profits that all 11 authors agreed to use in rafflecopters and/or gift card contest giveaways. This is the last contest for a lucky winner to win either a Kindle Fire or a $220.00 Amazon gift card, winner’s choice. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. As a bonus, I’m giving away 3 e-books of All Hands Below, my Caribbean to Portland erotic cruise ship romance.

Leave a comment and I’ll draw names for the e-books. Easy peasy! Contest ends 12/14/14.

Included in the Erotic Fantasies anthology is my short story, Private Lessons, a wild-hot, humorous read about millionaire sex-toy king, Cornelius, and his cousin’s best friend, Nerissa.

For years Nerissa has lusted after and crushed on her best friend’s cousin. She finally works up the nerve to capture, and hold his attention, especially since she made a complete flop of his first attempt to connect with her. So she buys several items from his sex-toys catalog and entices him to teach her how to use them, well aware she may wind up as one of the toy-king’s playthings, too…

*This smile-inducing story features lite BDSM, vivid scenes of sexuality, language and shameless use of love toys.

To enter the raffle for the Kindle Fire or the $220.00 GC:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bonus entry: Leave a comment for the drawing to win an e-book of All Hands Below.

*All Hands Below

A young widow. An old flame. A new captain with fires to put out.

Liam Rossi runs a tight cruise ship. Love isn’t an option for the gorgeous bachelor, a ship’s captain whose career comes first, but when a merry widow with bed-me blue eyes comes aboard for a Christmas singles’ cruise, Liam struggles to guard his heart. Bedding Evangeline Spencer is one thing, but falling for her means he’ll be the next man overboard.

Evangeline Spencer has been alone long enough. Her body is ripe for an erotic romp, and her heart is open for love, so she books a cruise to the Caribbean in search of Mr. Right. There’s just one thing standing in her way–Mr. Wrong!

Scruffy, smokin’-hot Liam is happy to share some sexy-time with Evangeline but he can’t give her more, and while Evie searches for the man of her dreams, the man in her bed is making her toss her own plans overboard!

*This is an erotic romance

Please have a look at the FREE sample read of All Hands Below here:

And don’t forget to grab your FREE e-book of Erotic Fantasies here:
US –
UK –

Thank you again for helping to make the Erotic Fantasies anthology a success. And please, if you like any of the stories in the anthology, consider leaving a short yet helpful review. Happy Holidays to you and yours and may your days be sexy and prosperous in 2015!

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17 Responses to Erotic Fantasies Kindle Fire or $220.00 GC Giveaway

  1. Renee B says:

    I haven’t read any of your books yet, so an opportunity to win one is a blessing. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for the chance to win.


  2. acm05 says:

    I’ve been on several cruises and have yet to meet a sexy captain, but I’m willing to roll with it.



  3. Shadow says:

    Oh! Sounds great! I do love a captain! 😀 There stories are so adventurous and fun! Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays!


  4. Tina B says:

    It sounds like a great read. 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com


  5. All Hands Below sounds like an awesome read! Hoping to win!! Thanks for giveaway!!!


  6. Shadow says:

    Thank you so much Lelani!! I just got my copy! Im so excited! 🙂 Thank you!!!!! Happy holidays! Have a wonderful day week!


  7. Lelani Black says:

    Thanks to all who’ve entered the contest(s) for gift e-copies of All Hands Below. Because it’s the holiday season, I’m going to gift all (looks like 5) entries that came in by December 14th. I’ve already sent out a couple of gift claim cards based on the addresses given, but I am still needing e-mail addresses from a few entrants. Thanks again to all who’ve entered and I wish you all the best with the rafflecopter for the Kindle Fire and / or Gift card giveaway.


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