Book Rights Reversion, Cover Reveals and Bachelor Bondage

Earlier this year, I requested rights back from my publisher for two erotic romances that were published back in 2011. Terms for obtaining rights to my books included changing the titles, obtaining new cover art and making changes to the story. While I wasn’t required to make major rewrites, the story couldn’t read exactly as-is to the finished work that was put out by the previous publisher’s editorial team.

I took the opportunity to update scenes, shorten some, lengthen others and enhance character background in each book while staying true to the heroes / heroines and their journey to a happily ever after, or happily for now. I also contracted another talented book cover designer to create some scrumptious new cover artistry. Check out Rio’s wonderful covers here:

Each story is a stand-alone read starring one hot bachelor whose heart gets tangled up in chains by one special woman. Available now at a special price ~ Bonding with the Bachelor ~ A red-hot wine-tasting, handcuffs and missing panties kind of story sure to have readers steaming up their Kindles!

Dmitri Damianos is an expert at creating software for European companies. When it comes to his personal life, he’s especially skilled at handling women. Wealthy and sought after, he makes no apologies for his lifestyle.

Then he meets Marigold, the one he can’t resist. She’s turned off on men at the moment, and a no-strings affair is the last thing on her to-do list. She’s nursing a broken heart while all Dmitri craves is up-till-dawn sex with the adorable morsel of a woman whose flair for business and sassy mouth keeps his interest sizzling. He’s determined to close the deal.

She won’t be his plaything, and baits him with outrageous relationship demands that would make any sane man run the other way. Dmitri quickly realizes a woman fresh off a break-up comes with vulnerabilities he’s not prepared to deal with. It’s all about lust. Who said anything about love? So why is he climbing up her balcony at midnight to bring her flowers he’s picked from his garden?

He can’t resist her willful ways and as their attraction deepens, he sets out to prove to her that lust can lead to love. Somehow, someway, he will make this hot-blooded ginger with the smart mouth his: heart, body and soul.

Bonding with the Bachelor

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Coming in February 2017, woot-woot!

Hotter than Desire

Harry’s made a mistake. He broke his own rules and proposed too fast, too soon to Jacinta Carr–a woman hiding one too many secrets. He has to call off the engagement. He’d been fooled once by a gold-digger and no way in hell is he falling for another con, until an explosive encounter between them turns into a wedding deal-changer when Harry is given a taste of the fire Jacey keeps under wraps. Now he wants more of the woman who stirs his hottest desires…

Jacey’s bikini boutique in downtown Honolulu is going belly-up and her moonlighting job is about to cost her the man of her dreams. Harrison Allandt, Hawaii’s former Most Eligible Bachelor, will also be back on the singles’ scene when he discovers the disastrous state of her finances, and that when the sun goes down, her clothes come off…for strangers.

It’s going to be a marriage deal-breaker.

When consequences of her choices catch up to her, what’s left of her short-lived engagement is one night with Harry. But if one night is all she has to remember him by, she’ll make it a night he will never forget and discover a secret of his own that promises to be a game-changer.

Hotter than Desire

Other news…

My long-awaited dark romantic thriller is in my editor’s hands. This is a wild and spicy, meaty contemporary suspense novel set at a Texas winery featuring one very special couple–and two other couples–whose destinies begin, and end, with Hotfoot Vineyard’s upcoming fall harvest. One of these three romances won’t have a happy ending, but sometimes…sometimes that’s the way love goes.

Thanks again for checking in. I’ll be having special prizes and paperback giveaways to celebrate this wonderful book’s upcoming release in (fingers crossed) March, 2017. I don’t have an official title yet, but for now let’s just call it Tangled Up In You.

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